Join a Council

CMA Merketing Councils and Committees.  Collaborate with Leading Marketing Professionals.

Council participation is for CMA members only. Persons wishing to join a Council must have a minimum of 5-8 years marketing management experience.

Council members attend and participate in approximately nine meetings per year. Each member is responsible for fulfilling an objective set out by the Council, as established through its annual planning process.

Submit an application to participate on a Council.

As a vacancy becomes available, individuals who have expressed interest through CMA’s application process will generally be contacted based on both the order in which their application was received (first-come-first-served basis) and in keeping an optimal mix of cross-industry representation and client /agency/supplier communities on any given Council.

Participating on a Council – Term of Service

The maximum term of participation is four years (to ensure as many members who wish to participate on a Council have the opportunity to do so), with the exception of a Council member appointed to serve as Chair of a Council. Terms normally commence July 1 of each year. Those wishing to join a Council are asked to consider a two-year commitment at a minimum.

Members that have reached a maximum term of four years on a given Council may re-apply to join a Council after a period of one year.

Council Leadership

Councils are steered by a Chair and a Vice-Chair. Council Chairs are recommended by management and ratified by the Leadership Planning and Development Committee, and will have experience as a Council member at large prior to the appointment. Council Chairs serve a term of three years. Vice-Chairs are one year rotating appointments selected from the roster of current Council members, on a volunteer basis.