Top 10 Nuggets by the Tweet from CMAconnections!

Build Deeper Connections

This week, the CMA hosted its CMAconnections Conference in Toronto. With an impressive line-up of speakers—from author Don Tapscott to Holt Renfrew’s Executive VP of Marketing and Customer Experience Alison Simpson, and Publicis’s VP and Head of Planning Max Valiquette to IBM’s VP Global Marketing Lisa Gilbert. The event was about building deeper connections through trust, insights, experience and loyalty.

Let’s be honest, in today's ever-innovating marketplace, the path to growing your business in big and meaningful ways, is not straightforward. You must understand your customers more deeply. You must develop those meaningful relationships. But at the same time, customers are more savvy: they know how to navigate this new marketing ecosystem to find what they want, when they want it.

CMAconnections was a day to dig deep, to stir imagination and to hear from the pros.

As always, we owe a huge thanks to all who contributed to the vibrant conversation on Twitter. We encourage you to check out #CMAconnections for the extensive list of nuggets from the day in 140 characters or less. Plus, catch CMA Board Chair Mitch Joel's podcast in conversation with Don Tapscott on his new book The Blockchain Revolution. But for now, we have pulled our 10 favourite from the ether:

  1. @brianbrett_ 2
    Branding is telling a story to its main characters. #CMAconnections

  2. @NOrobello 
    Really great pres by @maxvaliquette: figure out your brand purpose and why it matters to your customers. #CMAconnections 

  3. @jacarroll 
    The issue with most customer journey maps is that they only go in one direction. Are we that linear? #CMAconnections

  4. @CamMoorehead  
    Balancing personalization and the creepy factor is important to keep in mind for loyalty programs. #CMAconnections

  5. @lhazzan 
    Non-integrated customer channels is like that guy at the cocktail party who keeps reintroducing himself to you. #greatanalogy #CMAconnections

  6. @steffisteff  
    "The more senses we stimulate, the more value and memory our consumers have with our brands." @danielatSappi #CMAConnections

  7. @eliashadaya  
    Build your brand presence. Create intent-driven moments. Be there > Be useful > Be accountable. #CMAconnections

  8. @lisapasquin 
    Once you put your brand out to the universe, the universe has a say in what your brand is. @SecondCityWorks #CMAconnections

  9. @Mei_Burgin  
    Fascinating: “blockchain is the most important development in computer science in a generation.” @dtapscott  #CMAconnections #technology

  10. @crftpr
    The average user unlocks their phone 150 times a day, according to @googlecanada #CMAconnections

See you next year!

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